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About ZeMarmot Libre Film and Free Software

ZeMarmot is a project of 2D animation movie, to be released under Creative Common by-SA/Art Libre licenses and fully made with creative Free Software (GIMP, Blender, Ardour…).

We also develop Free Software. In particular, through Jehan, ZeMarmot project is a major GIMP contributor with more than 600 commits already. Jehan is one of the biggest GIMP contributors these last few years.

ZeMarmot is currently funded by hundreds of individuals or organisms from all over the world.

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What? Synopsis

Marmot likes to sleep, eat, and sleep again. One day, an old migratory bird tells him of the wonders of the world. Marmot decides to leave his home for the trip of his life and find the ultimate napping spot.
From Iran flying carpets to Paradise pacific island, Marmot will wander all over the world and be the first marmot explorer. Will he find what he is looking for?

Why? Letter of Intent

Marmot is a simple character who likes to eat and sleep. But the world is big with so much wonders. So our little rodent will go for a trip of discovery. This is a call to travel and freedom. Isn't it necessary sometimes to stop and rest in our hyperactive and over-stressful lives? Just breath a little. Contemplate. This is what we want to give to the world.

Jehan (main scenarist) wandered the world from 2009 to 2014, after quitting an openspace job in IT, on his motorbike from Paris to Japan, across Europe and Asia, then Oceania.

This is this spirit of travel, happy and easy, that we want to give back. Travels, wanderings even, are not just tourism. These are not about being scared of "the others" either, or of foreign lands. They can be about Freedom.


Who? Made with love



Young South Korean independant animation film director and artist. Her first co-directed short animation, “Grandma Ocean” got screened in more than a dozen festivals and won 2 prices.
Aryeom is ZeMarmot's director and script consultant.

Aryeom's website »



Actor for a dozen of years, especially movie dubbings, he also won an “Outstanding Youth Actor in a Foreign Film” award. Nowadays he spends time as a software developer (GIMP…), and wandered the world for a few years on a motorcycle (from France to Japan).
Jehan is ZeMarmot's main author and developer.

Jehan's website »



A crazy marmot traveling everywhere!

Marmot's log »


Henri Hebeisen

3D graphic designer and "Blender Foundation Certified Trainer", he works mainly in architecture. He participated to the creation of the american project "TUBE" under Bassam Kurdali and co-authored the book "La 3D libre avec Blender 2.6" with Olivier Saraja and Boris Fauret.
Henri will contribute to ZeMarmot for 3D assisting 2D drawing.

Henri's website »



Cooperative of Free Artists producing Libre Art with Free Software and OpenHardware.
Incubator for cooperating artists with a social aspect towards independence as well an ecology sensitivity where action matters first!
AMMD will be in charge of the original soundtrack for ZeMarmot.

AMMD website »



When you contribute to the project and/or share the information (blogs, social networks, friends…), you are part of it!

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How? Made with Free Software

We produce this whole movie with Free Software: painting with GIMP, video-editing with Blender, audio-editing with Ardour

While doing so, we improve the software as needed, and contribute patches back to all projects. Jehan has already contributed code to GIMP, Blender, libmypaint, Entangle, and many other creative software.

Jehan is a core developer of GIMP, our main tool. Currently our main area of interest are: improving painting, adding animation support, better graphical interface and user experience as a whole… We are also really interested in enhancing the plugin experience by an order of magnitude. And of course, less visible but as important: we fix bugs. Because a rock-solid software is the first step to quality and professional workflow.
Improving material support is also on our roadmap, though our lack of funds is currently a blocker. One of the first thing we would do with more funds is getting a big screen-tablet, which means we would likely add HiDPI and improved tablet and touch support in our priorities. Having a UI adapted for portable tablets is also an area of interest so that we can create while on the move.


Licensing What is Libre Art?

We believe in Art being Free, as much as Speech must be Free. Artists still have to make a living, which is why we are crowdfunding. Yet once produced, ZeMarmot will be yours, ours, everyone's. It will be a Free movie, given to the world.

If you "invested", you would expect a return on investment, often in monetary form. For ZeMarmot, it is in the form of a media artwork under a free license. You will be able to download it, watch it anywhere, anytime and as much as you want (i.e. no DRM!), copy it, share it, screen it for a larger audience… For us, this is what crowdfunding is about, it is an investment for a brighter world.

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Sponsors They are awesome

Since its initial crowdfunding (July 2015), ZeMarmot has been funded by more than 400 people or organizations around the world, from 36 countries! Whoever you are, small or big sponsor, ZeMarmot will exist thanks to you. You are all awesome! Below are our biggest sponsors, ordered by dates of sponsoring.
The full list will be available in the movie credits.

Want to fund the project too?
Fund ZeMarmot in USD through Patreon, or in EUR through Tipeee.
If you wish to contribute directly (wire transfer, paypal…), contact us

Special Sponsors

Gold Sponsors

  • Vincent Lamar
  • Guillaume Gasnier
  • MediaInfo
  • François Seguin
  • Camille Lhardy
  • GNU Computer by Serge Smeesters
  • Anne Lacerna

Silver Sponsors

  • Mike Linksvayer
  • Sébastien Gendre
  • Jefsey Morfin
  • David Da Silva
  • Benoît Audouard
  • Alice Toral
  • apertus°
  • Laboratorio Bambara
  • Xavier Guillot
  • Mélusine Guenneau
  • Coucouf
  • Denis Marcq
  • Oliver H
  • Ville
  • Côme Chilliet

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